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Quizzes from October 2014

Oct 1When would the OOTB acronym most likely be used?
Oct 2What does the }i{ emoticon represent?
Oct 3What type of music does the band 5FDP play?
Oct 4What acronym represents the ALS fundraiser that went viral in 2014?
Oct 5In what situation would you use the "oh snap" term?
Oct 6If a basketball player is not good at defense, what might he be called?
Oct 7When would you use the [[ ]] emoticon?
Oct 8If a player is a bad gamer, what acronym would use to describe them?
Oct 9What protocol is used to send data over the World Wide Web?
Oct 10If your friend sends you the 8-=( ) emoticon, what is he saying?
Oct 11What is the term for the jet developed by Gulfstream Aerospace?
Oct 12If you are bored at work, what acronym might you use to describe your day?
Oct 13What acronym stands for a Czech term used to describe novice computer users?
Oct 14If you have "CAS," what do you struggle with?
Oct 15If your friend texts you [II]D, what does he most likely want to do?
Oct 16Which emoticon represents a stealthy person that has good fighting skills?
Oct 17A smartphone with a large screen is often described as what?
Oct 18What term describes a player who is skilled but intentionally plays poorly?
Oct 19Which person would most likely be described as a "hot mess"?
Oct 20If you are "jazzed" about an upcoming event, how are you feeling?
Oct 21What movie best associates with the _/\_\o/_ emoticon?
Oct 22The "side-eye" look is used to convey what?
Oct 23What occupation is most likely to "mansplain" how to do something?
Oct 24What emoticon indicates that you are ready to go to the formal banquet?
Oct 25Which one of the following terms means "dumb"?
Oct 26If your friend just went "yard," what did he do?
Oct 27What emoticon can be used to show respect to or congratulate a person?
Oct 28What term describes a super fast ball that often reaches over 100 mph?
Oct 29What is the name for a flesh eating zombie in "The Walking Dead"?
Oct 30What emoticon represents the creature brought to life by Victor Frankenstein?
Oct 31What animal is Count Dracula most famously known for shapeshifting into?