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Quizzes from December 2014

Dec 1"Crimbo" is a British slang term for what holiday?
Dec 2The "sharpen a mustache" term comes from what NBA players' handshake?
Dec 3What emoticon is famously created below 32 degrees Fahrenheit?
Dec 4What abbreviation refers to a flying unit of the Zerg race in StarCraft 2?
Dec 5Where are premature newborn infants located in a hospital?
Dec 6What is the defining feature of a "metrojack"?
Dec 7If you need to leave the computer for a couple of seconds, what might you type?
Dec 8What acronym stands for the latest World of Warcraft expansion pack?
Dec 9What emoticon best represents a person who was just punched?
Dec 10Which of the following acronyms is another way of saying "just kidding"?
Dec 11Which emoticon represents Mickey, the most famous Disney character?
Dec 12What combination of numbers means "I love you very very much"?
Dec 13What U.S. time zone is 2 hours behind the Central time zone?
Dec 14What acronym might you use if you are laughing in a library?
Dec 15What Christmas character is famous for his red nose?
Dec 16What acronym can be used to tell someone not to call you?
Dec 17The (~};) emoticon represents the logo of what band?
Dec 18What acronym can be used to compliment a person on her looks?
Dec 19What acronym can be used to intimidate a person to attend an event?
Dec 20What TV show popularized the "Chrismukkah" term?
Dec 21What two-letter combination sends a kiss and a hug?
Dec 22If you are caught under the mistletoe with someone, what must you do?
Dec 23What emoticon would you use to tell someone you are singing Christmas carols?
Dec 24What emoticon represents one of Santa's little helpers?
Dec 25What acronym can be used as a holiday greeting?
Dec 26If you earned a grand, how much money did you earn?
Dec 27What acronym describes a person that you care about more than everyone else?
Dec 28If you don't like "PDA," what don't you like?
Dec 29What acronym stands for a phrase commonly said during wedding vows?
Dec 30If your friend calls "shotgun" as you walk to the car, what is he claiming?
Dec 31It's New Year's Eve, what are most people going to do tonight?