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Quizzes from January 2015

Jan 1What acronym is often used on New Year's Day?
Jan 2What emoticon represents the person that would serve you?
Jan 3What live NFL television broadcast began in 1970 and was aired on ABC?
Jan 4The "LMS" acronym is commonly associated with what social website?
Jan 5What is "Tweavesdropping"?
Jan 6What acronym is used to refer to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse?
Jan 7If you don't want someone to bother you what acronym should you use?
Jan 8What does the :-" emoticon represent?
Jan 9What term refers to an image that has been heavily edited in Photoshop?
Jan 10What acronym indicates that you will return, but not immediately?
Jan 11What emoticon best depicts a person who has been defeated?
Jan 12What term describes a person who has become lazy in his last year of high school?
Jan 13What emoticon would you use to indicate that you just had a great idea?
Jan 14What forum acronym indicates that a message appears in other discussions?
Jan 15What acronym would help you tell a person to stop annoying you?
Jan 16What emoticon best indicates royalty?
Jan 17What acronym is commonly associated with an employee's retirement plan?
Jan 18What acronym stands for the mode that is opposite of player versus player mode?
Jan 19What emoticon represents the famous Aunt Jemima breakfast brand?
Jan 20What acronym refers to the U.S. government agency that collects taxes?
Jan 21WCS is an acronym for the World Championship Series of what game?
Jan 22What baseball stat is used to look at how valuable a player is to his team?
Jan 23What emoticon represents Bugs Bunny, the famous Looney Tunes character?
Jan 24What health acronym is associated with cholesterol?
Jan 25What sports acronym represents the award given to the best rookie player?
Jan 26What acronym represents a type of depression that affects women after childbirth?
Jan 27What alien race from Star Trek does the (•_¤) emoticon represent?
Jan 28The "GMAB" acronym is used to tell someone to do what?
Jan 29What emoticon represents the gaming console released by Microsoft in 2001?
Jan 30What acronym refers to helpful information about an eBay seller?
Jan 31Where would you buy a new "whip"?