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Quizzes from March 2015

Mar 1The "GTL" acronym was made popular by what MTV reality show?
Mar 2If you are "dropping faces," what are you doing?
Mar 3How many digits are in a "SSN"?
Mar 4What acronym stands for the federal tax used to fund Social Security and Medicare?
Mar 5If your friend sends you the :g emoticon, what is she doing?
Mar 6If you are disappointed with a friend, what emoticon might you text him?
Mar 7The "Jungler" term comes from which multiplayer online game?
Mar 8What abbreviation stands for Bram Cohen's peer-to-peer file sharing protocol?
Mar 9Which acronym originated in Britain during World War II to encourage citizens?
Mar 10Which game falls under the "MOBA" gaming genre?
Mar 11What emoticon represents hope?
Mar 12What acronym stands for the health insurance plan that contrasts with HMO?
Mar 13What emoticon indicates that the person is either bored or tired?
Mar 14What acronym stands for the largest nonprofit news agency in the world?
Mar 15What acronym stands for the lung disease mainly caused by smoking?
Mar 16What term stands for a Twitter insult that commonly occurs between celebrities?
Mar 17Which of the following emoticons represents a tired person?
Mar 18What League of Legends term means "owning an enemy player"?
Mar 19What shortcut inserts a birthday cake emoticon in Skype?
Mar 20Which of the following acronyms represents a heart attack?
Mar 21What color combinations did people see in the "Dressgate" controversy?
Mar 22An "EFT" is used to do what?
Mar 23The "Slasher" genre is a sub-genre of what popular film genre?
Mar 24What acronym stands for the main governing body of the Federal Reserve System?
Mar 25What acronym represents a corporation's intention to perform a corporate action?
Mar 26What acronym is used to show a "bad hair day"?
Mar 27The ]:-) emoticon is a stereotypical representation of what occupation?
Mar 28The "CICU" provides intensive care for patients with what kind of health problem?
Mar 29What acronym represents the four steps of a search and rescue operation?
Mar 30What abbreviation is used to describe something as average?
Mar 31The :D< emoticon represents what type of action?