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Quizzes from April 2015

Apr 1What acronym represents the kind of joke that occurs on April 1st?
Apr 2What emoticon might represent a victim of a mean April Fools' joke?
Apr 3In Hearthstone, what term represents aggressive play?
Apr 4What acronym represents an electronic record that contains medical information?
Apr 5What emoticon represents the most popular animal on Easter Sunday?
Apr 6Which emoticon represents a person crying?
Apr 7What acronym can be used to tell someone to "wait a moment"?
Apr 8What acronym is used to apologize for interrupting a conversation?
Apr 9What term represents an overbearing person looking for donations to a charity?
Apr 10What do you need in order to "floss"?
Apr 11What term is used to compliment a person's choice of fashion accessories?
Apr 12What acronym measures a college team's strength of schedule?
Apr 13What does it mean if a basketball team is cutting down the nets?
Apr 14What term describes an underdog sports team that beats better teams?
Apr 15What acronym is used to ask people to respond to an invitation?
Apr 16What emoticon represents a person weeping as he waves goodbye?
Apr 17What emoticon represents the French duelist Cyrano de Bergerac?
Apr 18The "E4" term represents an error made by what baseball position?
Apr 19The "Bracketology" term is associated with what sport?
Apr 20The (:-|K- represents what famous undercover agent?
Apr 21What acronym is used to declare that a person was tricked by a troll?
Apr 22What term means "cool" and was made popular by the movie "Mean Girls"?
Apr 23What emoticon indicates that you have mixed feelings about something?
Apr 24Where would you most likely find an "ER"?
Apr 25The "Mendoza line" baseball phrase originates from what player's batting average?
Apr 26Which of the following games can be classified as a "TCG"?
Apr 27In baseball, a "can of corn" describes what type of play?
Apr 28What emoticon represents a sly, cunning person?
Apr 29What card-playing acronym refers to a player's position at the table?
Apr 30What emoticon represents Maggie Simpson, the baby of the Simpsons family?