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Quizzes from June 2015

Jun 1The >:o===Q< emoticon represents what animal?
Jun 2The "PB" statistic is attributed to what baseball position?
Jun 3What acronym refers to the list of injured players who are unable to play?
Jun 4What term refers to a gesture that shows disgust or shock?
Jun 5A teenager with acne is best represented by what emoticon?
Jun 6What term refers to when a commenter steers a discussion away from the original topic?
Jun 7Which term describes when a player quickly chooses his video game character?
Jun 8Which term describes a person who is constantly checking Twitter?
Jun 9Which emoticon best illustrates a shy person?
Jun 10The "GOMB" acronym can be used to tell a person to do what?
Jun 11Which emoticon represents two people "seeing eye to eye"?
Jun 12What acronym is used to ask other gamers to pause the game?
Jun 13The "annivorcery" term refers to the anniversary of what occurrence?
Jun 14In the financial world, what term describes an investment that tripled?
Jun 15What term describes a social outing between two straight males?
Jun 16Which emoticon can be used to indicate confusion or frustration?
Jun 17Which acronym refers to the famous poker tournament held in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Jun 18The "AGT" acronym refers to a TV reality show about what?
Jun 19What emoticon would most likely be used at Cape Canaveral in Florida?
Jun 20What might you do on a really boring date?
Jun 21Which emoticon can be used to sympathize with a friend who has a cold?
Jun 22The Atlanta-based group, WeAreToonz, created what dance move?
Jun 23The term, "bases loaded," is used in what sport?
Jun 24If you see a person "emergency walk," where is she most likely going?
Jun 25The O?? emoticon represents what type of athlete?
Jun 26What famous 1800s female sharpshooter is used as a term for "walk" in baseball?
Jun 27What term describes a person who tells on you?
Jun 28What part of the human body does "dome" represent?
Jun 29"PTH" commonly occurs during what time of the day?
Jun 30Which emoticon represents a king's crown?