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Quizzes from July 2015

Jul 1What set of numbers means "I love you too"?
Jul 2What police radio code is used to refer to a location?
Jul 3What acronym is used on Twitter to refer to the Women's World Cup?
Jul 4Which emoticon represents the country whose birthday is today?
Jul 5What phrase is used in soccer to refer to winning the trophy?
Jul 6Which acronym refers to the conversation that clarifies the status of a relationship?
Jul 7Which emoticon represents a celebration between two friends?
Jul 8Which acronym can be used to express sympathy for someone or something?
Jul 9What emoticon refers to a guardian angel?
Jul 10What acronym is used to describe something that is hilarious?
Jul 11The "boxed set" achievement is associated with what sport?
Jul 12What type of behavior signifies that your friend is "hiberdating"?
Jul 13The "supersub" term is mainly associated with what sport?
Jul 14The ^o^ emoticon represents what Final Fantasy VI video game character?
Jul 15The "uncrtn" abbreviation is often used by what kind of person?
Jul 16The "u mad bro" phrase is often used by what popular Internet nuisance?
Jul 17The ミ田 emoticon represents an operating system developed by what company?
Jul 18What term describes a person who falls asleep when the car begins to move?
Jul 19The "yuppie" term became popular in what decade?
Jul 20What emoticon indicates that a person has eaten something sour?
Jul 21What acronym was popularized by Drake's 2011 song "The Motto"?
Jul 22Which term refers to the feeling of waiting for a text?
Jul 23Which emoticon is used to represent the cartoon character Marge Simpson?
Jul 24Which term describes a Hipster that wants to make money?
Jul 25What term is used to describe when a person speaks hashtags out loud?
Jul 26Which acronym is used to ask a person what he is doing?
Jul 27What television show acronym features the Kardashian family?
Jul 28If you are worried, what emoticon would you use to express your feeling?
Jul 29What term is used to describe a person who doesn't live in the mountains?
Jul 30The C8<] emoticon represents what villain from Star Wars?
Jul 31The "GIDP" acronym is used as a statistic in what sport?