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Quizzes from September 2015

Sep 1Which term represents a wave of Korean culture?
Sep 2Which emoticon represents a gavel used by a judge?
Sep 3What term describes a lazy person who wants to help a good cause?
Sep 4An EMR is used to hold what kind of information?
Sep 5What is a brofist?
Sep 6What device would help you take a picture of your backside?
Sep 7Which acronym became famous in 2015 through one of Big Sean's hit singles?
Sep 8Which acronym is used to insert a side comment in a chat room or forum?
Sep 9Which emoticon represents a person who was recently beat up?
Sep 10If you are an obsessive fan of a comic book series, you belong to what?
Sep 11Which emoticon represents a person who is trained in making financial decisions?
Sep 12Which term can be used to describe a person as unattractive or nasty?
Sep 13If you want to text a friend how she is feeling what acronym would you use?
Sep 14The "speedling" term is used to refer to a type of species in what game?
Sep 15What acronym is used when texting to request a reply?
Sep 16The #:o+= emoticon represents what character from the 1930s?
Sep 17If a person is verbally disrespecting you during a game, what is he doing?
Sep 18The "frozen rope" term is used most often in what sport?
Sep 19The ~(O)| emoticon represents someone who spends a lot of time in what environment?
Sep 20Which term is associated with going through a relationship breakup?
Sep 21Which term refers to a person who takes up a lot of space when sitting?
Sep 22Which name gained fame as a fake 2016 Presidential candidate?
Sep 23Which emoticon represents the famous character that loves "hunny"?
Sep 24What term is associated with online games where winners receive cash prizes?
Sep 25If you are bad at using Instagram, what might you be called?
Sep 26Which emoticon represents the "King of Rock 'n' Roll"?
Sep 27"Name shame" is used to describe what?
Sep 28In which sport would you most likely hear the "shelled" term?
Sep 29The ⨌⨀_⨀⨌ emoticon represents which Founding Father?
Sep 30The "Twink" gaming term refers to what kind of character?