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Quizzes from October 2015

Oct 1Which acronym is used to direct credit or praise to a person?
Oct 2Which emoticon represents Toad, a character from Super Mario Bros.?
Oct 3What acronym would you use to show disgust or disbelief?
Oct 4Which acronym refers to a demonstration that shows the potential of a theory?
Oct 5What term can be used to describe someone you think is cool?
Oct 6Which acronym is the test that many potential college students must take?
Oct 7If you just got beat up, which emoticon would best represent you?
Oct 8Which acronym refers to a desktop computer that does not include any peripherals?
Oct 9Which emoticon refers to Charlie Chaplin, the English silent film era actor?
Oct 10Which baseball term refers to a hitter's power zone?
Oct 11Which term describes a person whose gender is indecipherable?
Oct 12Which acronym refers to posting pictures from the past on Friday?
Oct 13The <(|,|,)O= emoticon represents what kind of stinging creature?
Oct 14When is the "GG" acronym commonly used?
Oct 15Which acronym is used to tell someone that they will have to wait a while?
Oct 16Which acronym represents Princess Leia from Star Wars?
Oct 17Which acronym is used to describe a tired mother of a newborn baby?
Oct 18Which video game is an example of a 2.5D game?
Oct 19What term describes a friend who displays artistic interest or style?
Oct 20Which term refers to a game that is discontinued and unavailable for sale?
Oct 21Which emoticon represents the magical person that flies around on a broom?
Oct 22Which type of film genre is popular around Halloween?
Oct 23Which acronym is an alternative to the popular "LMAO" acronym?
Oct 24Which emoticon best indicates that you are watching a scary movie?
Oct 25If you are tired, what do you need in order to get some sleep?
Oct 26What acronym can be used to ask if a person's parents are home?
Oct 27Which emoticon represents a bloodsucking creature?
Oct 28Which acronym might be used to respond to something really scary?
Oct 29A wand is used as a main weapon by which of the following emoticons?
Oct 30What term describes something that is scary and funny at the same time?
Oct 31Which emoticon represents the squash plant that is carved for Halloween?