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Quizzes from November 2015

Nov 1If you were bit by one of the undead last night, what might you turn into today?
Nov 2Which term can be used to tell others how excited you are about a concert?
Nov 3Which emoticon represents a being from another world?
Nov 4Which acronym can be used to describe a not-so-bright computer user?
Nov 5Which emoticon represents a ship used by the Galactic Empire in Star Wars?
Nov 6The "Keke" term is used as an online gaming laugh by what ethnic group?
Nov 7What acronym can be used to tell someone to call you?
Nov 8Which of the following terms can be used for "soccer"?
Nov 9What term refers to enjoying a show or movie because a person dislikes it?
Nov 10What acronym is best when you don't have anything to say about a certain matter?
Nov 11A "round-tripper" refers to what kind of hit in baseball?
Nov 12What emoticon represents a hockey player?
Nov 13Which emoticon represents a person who dances in the ballet?
Nov 14The "Qt" term is used to describe what kind of person?
Nov 15In what game is the "boomkin" term used?
Nov 16Which phrase is used to ask someone to hook up?
Nov 17Which emoticon represents one the Klingon species from Star Trek?
Nov 18Which acronym is used to tell someone that you understand what he said?
Nov 19What term is used to describe an unprofessional or amateur play by an athlete?
Nov 20If your friend is very intelligent, what does she have?
Nov 21Which of the following bugs causes bites that itch?
Nov 22"Wags" is an abbreviation for what group of people?
Nov 23What is the name of the 2014 controversy about sexism in video game culture?
Nov 24Which acronym is another way to say "you're welcome" in online chat?
Nov 25It's the day before Thanksgiving, what acronym describes many Americans?
Nov 26What term describes a food that tastes similar to another food?
Nov 27Many Black Friday shoppers suffer from what kind of syndrome?
Nov 28When would you perform an "Onion check"?
Nov 29What phrase is used to share a funny, relatable experience on social media?
Nov 30If a person wants to "crash your squad," what does he want to do?