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Quizzes from January 2016

Jan 1Which acronym is used online to describe an item that has never been opened?
Jan 2What term describes when you stay up late to text?
Jan 3Which term describes a gamer who continuously holds down the trigger button?
Jan 4Which term describes when a video game is malfunctioning?
Jan 5What acronym would you use on Twitter to thank a user for following you?
Jan 6The "show hole" term is used to describe what feeling?
Jan 7Which term describes a gamer who doesn't move around the map?
Jan 8Which term describes a person who is unable to comprehend technology?
Jan 9What term describes a vacation that is near your home?
Jan 10Which slang term comes from the Star Wars movie series?
Jan 11What term would you use to refer to a close friend?
Jan 12Which term can be used to describe a surfer that rides with style and ease?
Jan 13Which abbreviation is used on Twitter to thank a user for a retweet?
Jan 14What acronym would you use to tell your friends that you are ready to party?
Jan 15What acronym conveys to others that you just laughed a little bit?
Jan 16Which acronym refers to hardware devices that work upon connection to a computer?
Jan 17Which acronym stands for a sleep training method for newborn babies?
Jan 18Which term refers to a vacation taken by a couple before the birth of their baby?
Jan 19The "pain in the choobies" phrase comes from what movie franchise?
Jan 20Which medical acronym refers to the sudden loss of kidney function?
Jan 21What term describes when you leave a party without saying "goodbye"?
Jan 22If your friend is not very smart, what acronym might you use to describe him?
Jan 23Which gaming term refers to a hidden account or character name?
Jan 24When your friend is not poor but she complains that she is, what is she doing?
Jan 25What term describes a person who texts while walking?
Jan 26What term is used to describe a controversial opinion?
Jan 27Which of the following terms describes the act of hacking for a good cause?
Jan 28Which acronym refers to a popular 1980s boy band?
Jan 29Which acronym refers to a coupon that can be printed from the Internet?
Jan 30Which texting acronym is used to signify sarcasm in a statement?
Jan 31What term describes a person who hacks others for a good cause?