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Quizzes from February 2016

Feb 1Which phrase comes from the TV show "Parks and Recreation"?
Feb 2The "PRT" acronym is used on what social site?
Feb 3What emoticon represents the creator of "Curb your Enthusiasm"?
Feb 4Which acronym stands for the TV series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk?
Feb 5What acronym refers to the specialist you would visit for a throat problem?
Feb 6The NFL championship played tomorrow goes by what acronym?
Feb 7The championship for which sports league takes place today?
Feb 8Which phrase refers to when you sniff your armpit to check if you smell?
Feb 9The "WYGOWM" acronym is used to ask a person about what?
Feb 10Which acronym describes gameplay where each player has to fend for himself?
Feb 11The "porcelain throne" is located in what room?
Feb 12Which acronym represents the highest court of justice in the United States?
Feb 13The "Endie" term is used in what video game?
Feb 14Which emoticon represents the most popular gift on this holiday?
Feb 15Which slang term means "extremely good"?
Feb 16Which term refers to an online journal that often includes text, images, and video?
Feb 17What acronym is used to tell someone to post an image of herself?
Feb 18Which acronym is used to say that you are removing clothes from a dryer?
Feb 19What online auction acronym is used to describe the original price of an item?
Feb 20Which term represents a video game team?
Feb 21When rating something on a scale of 1 to 10, what does "dime" represent?
Feb 22Which term refers to when you flirt with a person?
Feb 23If you give someone "side-eye," what are you communicating?
Feb 24Which term represents a guy who enjoys watching "My Little Pony"?
Feb 25Which term refers to when people dress up as a character for fan conventions?
Feb 26What's another word for bed?
Feb 27Which term was created by a name mispronunciation at the Academy Awards?
Feb 28Which acronym refers to the score used to measure a person's intelligence?
Feb 29Which term can be used to tell a person to go away?