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Quizzes from March 2016

Mar 1Which acronym can be used to tell someone to have a good day?
Mar 2Which term means "powerful" and comes from a former baseball player?
Mar 3Which slang phrase comes from the show "Game of Thrones"?
Mar 4What term refers to a man sitting with a wide and open leg stance?
Mar 5The "OOAK" term is used to describe what type of item on an online sales site?
Mar 6The "yuge" term was made popular by what celebrity?
Mar 7Which acronym is used to tell another gamer to pause the game?
Mar 8Which acronym appears as an email field?
Mar 9Which chat term is used to let a person know that your parents are watching?
Mar 10Which of the following terms refers to a handgun used in Call of Duty?
Mar 11Which term is used to tell a player to shoot the enemy as soon as they see them?
Mar 12Which acronym is added to a sentence to add exaggerated emphasis?
Mar 13What term describes a person who types overly long texts?
Mar 14If your friend dates older guys for their money, what is she called?
Mar 15If your aunt is a "wino", she drinks a large quantity of what type of beverage?
Mar 16Which term describes when a team is upset during March Madness?
Mar 17Which emoticon object best represents St. Patrick's Day?
Mar 18Which League of Legends stat is the ratio of a player's kills and kill assists to deaths?
Mar 19Which acronym refers to a Minecraft game mode?
Mar 20Which phrase was made popular by Ben Carson during a Presidential debate?
Mar 21What is the primary reason a person dates a "honeydude"?
Mar 22What term refers to a lazy person?
Mar 23The "charity stripe" term is used in what sport?
Mar 24The "likers get rate" term is primarily used on what social site?
Mar 25What term describes a weak fly ball hit to the outfield in baseball?
Mar 26The "mooshroom" term is used in what game?
Mar 27Which term describes a passionate environmentalist?
Mar 28What does the "videobomb" term mean?
Mar 29Which hip hop term is used to label a person as well respected?
Mar 30Which term was created for political reasons to refer to a group of people?
Mar 31What acronym is used to curse the iPhone feature that corrects spelling and grammar?