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Quizzes from May 2016

May 1Which acronym refers to when you decide to stay home instead of going to a party?
May 2What term describes when a person ignores someone in favor of his phone?
May 3Which term refers to a popular meme featuring a famous basketball player?
May 4What term describes when a post or comment takes a conversation off topic?
May 5What Hearthstone term describes a minion with no special abilities?
May 6Which acronym is the Spanish version of "OMG"?
May 7In what sport does the "shoestring catch" term appear?
May 8Which term best describes a mom who demands excellence from her child?
May 9The "TBH" acronym is most commonly used on what social site?
May 10Which acronym can be used to say "no problem"?
May 11Which acronym represents the United Nations agency for worldwide health?
May 12Which of the slang terms was popularized by the 1990s TV show "Seinfeld"?
May 13What term describes a type of hand grenade in the Halo series?
May 14Which acronym alerts a message recipient that your conversation is being watched?
May 15Which phrase describes when you are having difficulty doing something?
May 16Which term is used for a person when you cannot tell if they are male or female?
May 17What three letter combination communicates that you are laughing very hard?
May 18Which of the following terms is an expression of excitement?
May 19The "TVZ" acronym comes from what video game?
May 20Which drug causes hallucinations, flashbacks, and acute anxiety?
May 21What term describes when you make a stupid mistake playing a video game?
May 22What term describes a lifestyle focused on living healthy?
May 23In baseball, what kind of pitch is a "yakker"?
May 24Which gaming term refers to the blocking of an enemy's special attack?
May 25What term refers to when a player is dominating other players?
May 26What acronym is used to describe a person who is obsessive?
May 27Which Game of Thrones term means "queen"?
May 28Which police code is used to describe a situation that is crazy and violent?
May 29When would you use the "MFW" acronym?
May 30Which acronym refers to one of the four major ligaments in the human knee?
May 31What Christian motto became popular in the 1990s and was featured on bracelets?