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Quizzes from June 2016

Jun 1When would you use the "ROFLMAO" acronym?
Jun 2Which term is an expression of stupidity?
Jun 3The "leadoff" term refers to which batter in a baseball lineup?
Jun 4Which acronym is most likely used by a Star Wars nerd?
Jun 5Which term describes when you wrap yourself tightly in blankets?
Jun 6What term refers to a home for kids that their divorced parents share?
Jun 7If you receive a "push present" what did you just do?
Jun 8Doing taxes for the first time in your life is an example of what term?
Jun 9Which acronym is used to insult a person's intelligence?
Jun 10Which acronym is used to tell someone to zip up the fly on his pants or shorts?
Jun 11What acronym is synonymous with success or victory?
Jun 12Which slang term was made popular in season 6 of "Game of Thrones"?
Jun 13Which term describes a person who loves food?
Jun 14Which term refers to the pitcher's plate in baseball?
Jun 15A "gold digger" is known for doing what?
Jun 16Which acronym is used to describe a player in an online game as "super unlucky"?
Jun 17What acronym refers to a person's state in a virtual online world?
Jun 18Which slang term became popular in the 6th season of Seinfeld?
Jun 19Which term refers to a person's inability to complete a show or movie on Netflix?
Jun 20What acronym refers to the list of friends stored in an instant messaging program?
Jun 21"TWD" is most common among what age group of drivers?
Jun 22What term refers to when you eat a lot of food when you meant to eat less?
Jun 23Which acronym is a variation of the popular "ROTFL" acronym?
Jun 24Which term refers to a man who marries a person with kids?
Jun 25To what kind of person does the "nottie" term refer?
Jun 26What is a "Super Bowl baby"?
Jun 27Which acronym can be used to tell a person that you enjoyed meeting him?
Jun 28Which phrase is used to intimidate people not to talk about what they know?
Jun 29What year was the SNES video game console released?
Jun 30The "chin music" term is used in what sport?