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Quizzes from July 2016

Jul 1Which acronym is simliar to "WTF" and is used out of frustration or disbelief?
Jul 2Which acronym can be used to tell someone you want to kiss him or her?
Jul 3The "unfriend" term was made famous by what social site?
Jul 4Which acronym is used to preface an honest opinion?
Jul 5Which abbreviation refers to a custom game component that alters gameplay?
Jul 6Which term refers to a woman between 30-50 years old who dates younger men?
Jul 7Which term refers to a modest statement made to draw attention to an accomplishment?
Jul 8"Respeck" was made popular by what rapper?
Jul 9Which politician famously tweeted "Delete your account"?
Jul 10What acronym refers to how many words you can type on a keyboard in a minute?
Jul 11If you just bought some "kicks", what did you buy?
Jul 12Which acronym refers to the real life meeting of a person you met online?
Jul 13Which acronym refers to the number of assists credited to a baseball outfielder?
Jul 14The "HHIS" acronym is often used in what type of situation?
Jul 15Which term refers to Britain's decision to leave the European Union?
Jul 16What does "netiquette" refer to?
Jul 17Which acronym is used to warn a person that his dad is watching the chat session?
Jul 18Which acronym lets forum users know that a post still needs to be edited?
Jul 19What acronym refers to a British pound?
Jul 20Where would you most likely see the "plzrd" abbreviation?
Jul 21"HMP" refers to the hardcore multiplayer game mode in what game?
Jul 22Which phrase comes from the Dragon Ball Z anime series?
Jul 23Which acronym refers to a record achieved during the Olympics?
Jul 24The "ill eagle" term came from which video game streamer?
Jul 25The "armadillo" term refers to what type of gamer?
Jul 26Which acronym is used to say that not a lot is going on in your life?
Jul 27The "Squidward" term refers to a villager in what game?
Jul 28What does "gank" mean?
Jul 29Which gaming term describes a player who was destroyed by an opponent?
Jul 30Which gaming term refers to when a low-level character levels up with assistance?
Jul 31Which abbreviation refers to Facebook's live chat program?