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Quizzes from August 2016

Aug 1Which term refers to a firearm?
Aug 2WHich term describes a person who is angry or jealous of someone?
Aug 3Which acronym is used to communicate "I know exactly what you mean"?
Aug 4The "KOTD" acronym refers to what article of clothing worn during a given day?
Aug 5When would the "no-hit run" term be used?
Aug 6The "IOC" is in charge of planning what event?
Aug 7What is a "belieber"?
Aug 8Which acronym describes a drug you can get without a prescription?
Aug 9The "tweener" shot occurs in what sport?
Aug 10Which acronym refers to a company's profit before the deduction of income taxes?
Aug 11Which of the following gaming terms decribes a creature in Minecraft?
Aug 12What social network features "friendversaries"?
Aug 13Which of the following is an example of a "potterhead"?
Aug 14A "Pok├ędate" consists of a lot of what type of action?
Aug 15Which term describes the blocking of an enemy's special attack in video games?
Aug 16What financial term refers to an employee's withholding allowance certificate?
Aug 17How many bytes are in a TB?
Aug 18Which acronym refers to a professional accountant?
Aug 19Which slang term refers to a situation where a text is sent to the wrong recipient?
Aug 20Which of the following terms is used to describe an awesome person?
Aug 21Which acronym is an indicator that you are just friends with someone?
Aug 22Which acronym is short for "I love you" in French?
Aug 23Which acronym implies the other person is gullible or dumb?
Aug 24Which acronym refers to the popular online competition between NFL fans?
Aug 25Which slang term is used to tell someone to "get tough"?
Aug 26How many consecutive days of snaps between two friends starts a "snapstreak"?
Aug 27Which golf term represents a score that is two shots under par?
Aug 28Which acronym refers to the average number of likes a person gets on her posts?
Aug 29In what country would you most likely see the "WTBH" acronym?
Aug 30Which acronym can be used to say that you really don't care?
Aug 31Which acronym can be used to ask a person to tell you the truth?