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Quizzes from September 2016

Sep 1The term for chewing up food before serving it to a child comes from what actress?
Sep 2What term refers to the controversial swimming garment in France?
Sep 3"Snowman" refers to the golf score of how many strokes?
Sep 4Which term refers to a user's alternate Instagram account?
Sep 5Which golf term describes a very low shot?
Sep 6If you are angering other Internet users, what are you doing?
Sep 7Which chat acronym is used to tell someone that you are available to talk again?
Sep 8Which term refers to the warmth on a seat left by a person?
Sep 9Which acronym is the slogan used by the rave and electronic dance music cultures?
Sep 10Which famous actor is used as a golf term for a tough five foot putt?
Sep 11Which term refers to the gorilla killed in 2016 that became a meme?
Sep 12The "Phelps face" occurred before which swimming event during the 2016 Olympics?
Sep 13Which acronym stands for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential slogan?
Sep 14When would you use the "My B" slang term?
Sep 15Which acronym may be used to question the intent of another person in an argument?
Sep 16Which of the following terms refers to one American dollar?
Sep 17Which acronym usually prefaces information that a person most likely did not see?
Sep 18The "put out fires" phrase is commonly associated with what baseball position?
Sep 19What acronym is used to tell someone to reply soon to your message?
Sep 20What term refers to when you pose in the background of a picture being taken?
Sep 21What acronym is used to preface a statement of what he or she remembers?
Sep 22The "FYI" acronym is used for what purpose?
Sep 23Which popular acronym is used to tell someone that you don't know the answer?
Sep 24What term would most likely be used to describe a cute nerd?
Sep 25If a baseball player flashes his "leather," what is he good at?
Sep 26What is the "POS" acronym used to do?
Sep 27Which acronym refers to the system that helps you navigate?
Sep 28What lifesaving technique is used to help in a drowning emergency?
Sep 29What acronym involves laughing so hard that one of your body parts falls off?
Sep 30When would you use the "GJ" acronym?