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Quizzes from October 2016

Oct 1What acronym is used when the time of an event has not yet been determined?
Oct 2Which acronym is used to tell someone that he has shared inappropriate information?
Oct 3Which acronym is used to indicate surprise?
Oct 4Which phrase comes from the September 2016 Commander-In-Chief forum?
Oct 5Which term refers to a person's awareness of social problems?
Oct 6Which acronym refers to a type of fantasy football scoring?
Oct 7Which acronym refers to the activist group focused on the rights of black people?
Oct 8Which acronym tells the recipient that the email doesn't need to be opened?
Oct 9What does the "paint the black" term mean in baseball?
Oct 10Which acronym refers to a parent that remains at home instead of going to work?
Oct 11Where does the "tooth sweater" feeling come from?
Oct 12What does "peasantvision" refer to?
Oct 13What kind of behavior indicates a "fire sale" in fantasy sports?
Oct 14Which term refers to unhelpful and annoying content?
Oct 15Which acronym refers to the popular seasonal beverage served at Starbucks?
Oct 16Which term refers to the downside of being friends with someone who is despised?
Oct 17Which term describes a text sent to the wrong person?
Oct 18What term comes from the dubbing over of explicit song lyrics?
Oct 19Which acronym is commonly associated with cyberbullying?
Oct 20Which acronym is used to communicate that a person is sad and not doing well?
Oct 21Which term refers to a social gathering where people watch a streamed video game?
Oct 22Which acronym is used to crudely tell a person that she is not very nice?
Oct 23Which acronym is used to ask someone what his plans are for the night?
Oct 24Which term is used to describe something as fake?
Oct 25Which golf term refers to a hole score of three strokes under par?
Oct 26Which conservative politician made the "lamestream media" term popular?
Oct 27Which acronym is used to emphasize the truth of your statement?
Oct 28Michale Myers is a famous character from what genre of movies?
Oct 29The :-[x> emoticon represents what famous Halloween character?
Oct 30Which emoticon represents the monster created by Dr. Frankenstein?
Oct 31What are trick-or-treaters looking for tonight?