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Quizzes from November 2016

Nov 1A scratch golfer has a handicap at or around what number?
Nov 2Which term refers to a person lashing out at people on Twitter?
Nov 3Which term describes a police officer who transfers to many different stations?
Nov 4Which presidential hopeful is responsible for the "Aleppo moment" term?
Nov 5Which acronym refers to the leader of the United States of America?
Nov 6What term describes a person who abandons the fantasy football team he drafts?
Nov 7Which term describes a Republican mother who is worried about the economy?
Nov 8Which acronym shows support and is most appropriate for the election today?
Nov 9What is the purpose of an "anchor baby"?
Nov 10Which political candidate is known for saying "bigly"?
Nov 11Which term came from the October 9, 2016 presidential town hall debate?
Nov 12What is the purpose of a "finstagram"?
Nov 13Which abbreviation is used to tell a person that you are too attractive for him?
Nov 14Which acronym precedes a comment about an experience shared by lots of people?
Nov 15Which abbreviation refers to the current day?
Nov 16Which acronym refers to the yards a receiver gains after catching the ball?
Nov 17Which acronym should be used when apologizing?
Nov 18Which acronym is used at the end of a message and to tell someone to be cool?
Nov 19Which acronym is used to tell a person that he is a nerd?
Nov 20The "proj" abbreviation is used in fantasy sports for what purpose?
Nov 21Which acronym refers to an Internet search engine and is used to be snarky?
Nov 22A "friendsgiving" usually occurs when?
Nov 23Thanksgiving is the least favorite holiday for which animal?
Nov 24Which term refers to the person who most likely loves Thanksgiving?
Nov 25What acronym might be seen a lot on Black Friday?
Nov 26Which fantasy football term refers to a team with no owner?
Nov 27Which term refers to a gamble on fantasy sports player?
Nov 28Which term is British slang for the popular December 25th holiday?
Nov 29Which acronym refers to a popular Australian band that toured with One Direction?
Nov 30Which term refers to user-made videos of "frozen" people acting out a scene?