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Quizzes from December 2016

Dec 1Which term came from the Chicago Cubs winning the 2016 World Series?
Dec 2Which sports term refers to taking advantage of a person through a trade?
Dec 3Which term describes a close friendship between two or more males?
Dec 4Which term refers to the breaking up of a friendship between two guys?
Dec 5What term describes a selfie that consists of a large number of people?
Dec 6Which term refers to a rare LuLaRoe clothing item?
Dec 7Which term was made famous by Stephen Colbert?
Dec 8Which term refers to a weak fantasy sports player?
Dec 9What is a "coffice"?
Dec 10Which acronym is used by old people when reminiscing?
Dec 11Which term refers to when a person freestyle raps?
Dec 12What acronym can be used to tell a person that he makes you laugh?
Dec 13"Mocking" involves what type of item?
Dec 14Which phrase refers to tossing large amounts of money in the air?
Dec 15What is a "fommy"?
Dec 16The "hangman" score is featured in what sport?
Dec 17Which acronym can be used to tell the recipient that the message is a secret?
Dec 18Which term describes a person talking on the phone that is inconsiderate of others?
Dec 19Which term refers to a person's ability to detect craziness in other people?
Dec 20Which term comes from Seinfeld and was created as an alternative to Christmas?
Dec 21"On fleek" is famously used to compliment what facial feature?
Dec 22Which term refers to the trend of adding the "My Heart Will Go On" song to a video?
Dec 23Which emoticon represents the creature who helps build toys delivered by Santa?
Dec 24The 3:*> emoticon refers to which reindeer that leads Santa's sleigh?
Dec 25Santa places presents under and near what object?
Dec 26Which phrase refers to when you call out and criticize a person?
Dec 27Which term refers to the activity of soaking in thermal springs?
Dec 28What is "whoja vu"?
Dec 29Which term describes an angry person?
Dec 30Which term describes a Facebook comment that was removed?
Dec 31Which acronym best represents today?