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Quizzes from January 2017

Jan 1Which acronym is most appropriate for today?
Jan 2Which acronym refers to the candidate elected to become U.S. president?
Jan 3Which term was used by many people to negatively describe the year 2016?
Jan 4Which term refers to when you browse through social media or email to unwind?
Jan 5Which term became popular in 2016 and misled voters in the presidential election?
Jan 6Which term refers to a positive outlook in finances or a fantasy team's potential?
Jan 7Which term refers to words that are said to hurt another person's feelings?
Jan 8Which acronym can be used to say you're pretty sure about something you said?
Jan 9Which acronym refers to when a person is annoyed or having trouble doing something?
Jan 10Which phrase is another way to say that you are very impressed?
Jan 11The "ganking" term is often used by gamers that play which game?
Jan 12Which acronym is used to describe a player in an online game that is really unlucky?
Jan 13Which acronym can be used to ask someone to contact you?
Jan 14Which acronym comes from the famous Star Trek phrase?
Jan 15From what website did the "duckroll" term originate?
Jan 16Which acronym comes from a joke often made by Michael Scott from "The Office"?
Jan 17Which acronym refers to a disorder often associated with military personnel?
Jan 18What sport would you see the "dinger" term?
Jan 19In what game would you see the "OOM" acronym?
Jan 20The "tl" abbreviation is used primarily in what social channel?
Jan 21Which acronym is used on Twitter to precede a recap of a late night news event?
Jan 22Which acronym is an environmentalist slogan about human's impact on the world?
Jan 23Which term best describes the act of driving in the middle of the road?
Jan 24Which presidential candidate used "drain the swamp" as a slogan in 2016?
Jan 25Which League of Legends term refers to when a champion protects another champion?
Jan 26Which gaming term refers to a combination of attacks in a short span of time?
Jan 27What term refers to two people who share a common trait?
Jan 28What kind of attributes does a "squishy" video game character possess?
Jan 29Which term is another way to say "whatever"?
Jan 30Which term describes a group of friends?
Jan 31Which term was made famous by Kellyanne Conway on "Meet The Press"?