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Quizzes from April 2017

Apr 1Which term refers to insulting a person?
Apr 2If you are going to "finesse" a person, what are you going to do?
Apr 3Which of the following terms is another way to say "awesome"?
Apr 4To what location does a "crib" refer?
Apr 5Which term refers to using a social dating app?
Apr 6What term can be used to describe someone who is "acting emotional"?
Apr 7Which term refers to when a person gradually stops talking to someone?
Apr 8Which term can be used to refer to someone who feels left out?
Apr 9Which of the following terms is a type of baseball pitch?
Apr 10If you are "biffles" with someone, what are you?
Apr 11Which term refers to an aggressive feminist?
Apr 12Which emoticon indicates that you are looking for a kiss?
Apr 13Which term refers to subtle flirting?
Apr 14Who would most likely need a "nappetizer"?
Apr 15Which term can be used to describe something as brand new?
Apr 16Which emoticon is related to playing Pokémon Go?
Apr 17What time of year is "cuffing season"?
Apr 18When would the "CF" acronym be used?
Apr 19Which term refers to when you use someone as a backup date?
Apr 20Which term refers to a female who co-parents a child?
Apr 21What term refers to the hope that two people start a relationship?
Apr 22When would the term "flop sweat" apply to a person?
Apr 23Which term refers to an issue that breaks up a relationship?
Apr 24Which acronym refers to the number of people per month that use a service?
Apr 25Which term describes someone who is showing off to impress a person?
Apr 26What term refers to a provocative photo, action, or message?
Apr 27Which emoticon represents an accidental fart?
Apr 28Which term can be used to describe something or someone as "perfect"?
Apr 29Which term refers to an elderly person repeatedly complaining?
Apr 30Which acronym is used to asked to copy a person's homework?