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Quizzes from May 2017

May 1Which acronym communicates that you will always love someone?
May 2Which emoticon represents people playing ping pong?
May 3Which term refers to a relationship that is only based on texts?
May 4Which phrase comes from the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why"?
May 5Which acronym best fits today, Cinco de Mayo?
May 6If you want to "veg", what do you want to do?
May 7Which acronym is used in chat rooms to request a private session?
May 8Which acronym informs others that you are en route to their location?
May 9Which acronym represents the Christian organization created by Dr. James Dobson?
May 10The "bars" term is commonly associated with what genre of music?
May 11Which of the following terms refers to a very dedicated student?
May 12The !:-) emoticon represents what type of person?
May 13If your friend texts you the "CLAB" acronym, what is she doing?
May 14Which acronym can be used to tell someone to keep you "in the know"?
May 15Which acronym is used to invite someone to a private chat session?
May 16Which emoticon indicates that you are ready to fight?
May 17Which acronym is used to ask someone about his whereabouts during the day?
May 18What does the "Text Door Neighbor" term refer to?
May 19Which show includes characters named Cersei, Sansa, and Arya?
May 20Which acronym refers to the medical services paid by a provider for an individual?
May 21Which acronym refers to the Canadian dollar?
May 22If you want someone to kiss you, which kaomoji would you send?
May 23Which acronym is used to say that you are not responsible for a situation's outcome?
May 24Which term created controversy about the ideal weight of a woman?
May 25The q:-) emoticon represents what baseball position?
May 26Which acronym is used when you are unable to stop laughing?
May 27What question is the "WEU" acronym used to ask?
May 28If you don't know the answer to a question, what acronym would you text?
May 29Which emoticon is most appropriate for this holiday?
May 30When would you use the "YMMD" acronym?
May 31The "slept" term is commonly associated with which drug?