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Quizzes from July 2017

Jul 1Which term refers to the body type that is common among fathers?
Jul 2Which emoticon represents a firecracker?
Jul 3Which emoticon represents "Uncle Sam"?
Jul 4Which emoticon represents the flag for the United States of America?
Jul 5Which video game term refers to a player venturing deep into enemy territory?
Jul 6If a guy is "swoll", what kind of shirt would he wear?
Jul 7Which of the following terms is another way to say that someone surprised you?
Jul 8Which of the following emoticons would you use if you are distressed?
Jul 9Which acronym would be used by a person who just was grossed out?
Jul 10The "S4S" acronym is most commonly used on which social site?
Jul 11Which acronym is used to claim that you are not joking around?
Jul 12The "NRN" acronym is used in emails to tell what to the receiver?
Jul 13When is the "LSHMBH" acronym used?
Jul 14Which emoticon illustrates the fear of many swimmers this summer?
Jul 15The "IAWTCSM" acronym is used online to communicate what?
Jul 16The "YRL" acronym is used to tell a person what?
Jul 17Which term refers to when two people are starting a romantic relationship?
Jul 18The "_\\//" emoticon is associated with what science fiction series?
Jul 19A "Woj bomb" refers to a breaking news report about which sports league?
Jul 20The "H4U" acronym is used for what purpose?
Jul 21The "TGTBT" acronym is used to communicate what?
Jul 22The "squirrel" slang term is used in what sport?
Jul 23The "BSOD" acronym refers to a crash screen in which operating system?
Jul 24Which of the following terms is another way to say "exciting" or "awesome"?
Jul 25Which acronym is used to tell someone that you will talk to them soon?
Jul 26What is a "nottie"?
Jul 27Which gaming term is used to tell someone that he has been dominated?
Jul 28Which emoticon can be used to express disapproval?
Jul 29Which acronym is used to ask a person to meet in person, away from a computer?
Jul 30Which term refers to a muscular person?
Jul 31Which acronym is used in reaction to something very funny?