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Quizzes from August 2017

Aug 1Which term is another way to say "leave"?
Aug 2Which acronym is another way to say that you have a big smile on your face?
Aug 3"Handicap" is a term that represent's a player's ability in which sport?
Aug 4The |:-[|] emoticon represents what famous singer?
Aug 5"Speedling" is a term commonly used in which game?
Aug 6Which term is another way to say that something is awesome or cool?
Aug 7What does "143" mean?
Aug 8What does "SMH" mean?
Aug 9Which term refers to a disposable mobile phone?
Aug 10Which baseball term refers to when a baserunner is stranded between two bases?
Aug 11Which acronym best communicates that you think something is gross or distasteful?
Aug 12Which term refers to a male who takes care of one or more children?
Aug 13When would you use the "grats" term?
Aug 14Which of the following is another term for a white person?
Aug 15Which acronym is used to say that you will resume a conversation later?
Aug 16Which emoticon represents a chubby person?
Aug 17Which acronym refers to reality enhanced by video, sound, and graphics?
Aug 18Which acronym is used at the end of the conversation when it is time to go?
Aug 19Which term refers to when you pretend to be something you are not?
Aug 20Which acronym refers to physical damage received in League of Legends?
Aug 21Which emoticon represents a marine?
Aug 22Which term refers to a statement a person makes to draw praise about himself?
Aug 23What is a "fiver party"?
Aug 24Which term is another way to say "yes"?
Aug 25Which term refers to a marijuana cigarette?
Aug 26Which term would be used to describe something that looks hideous?
Aug 27Which emoticon represents SpongeBob SquarePants?
Aug 28Which acronym refers to a daily outfit or clothing style?
Aug 29Which phrase refers to a person's awareness of social injustice?
Aug 30Which emoticon represents a queen?
Aug 31Which acronym is used by a person to emphasize that he is telling the truth?