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Quizzes from September 2017

Sep 1Which emoticon refers to a person who is fed up with life?
Sep 2Which term refers to someone that has very liberal beliefs?
Sep 3Which term refers to when a student studies hard right before a test?
Sep 4Which of the following terms is an expression of excitement?
Sep 5Which term refers to when a person manipulates someone?
Sep 6Which gaming term refers to when a player strengthens or enhances a unit?
Sep 7If a person texts "TTYL", what is he saying?
Sep 8Which acronym can be used to tell a person that you want to talk right now?
Sep 9Which term refers to fans of Beyoncé?
Sep 10Which emoticon represents a person listening to music?
Sep 11What does the /\'s emoticon represent?
Sep 12Which term comes from a controversial fashion choice by Melania Trump?
Sep 13"Jonerys" is the pairing of two characters from what TV show?
Sep 14Which term refers to when your partner is much more attractive than you?
Sep 15Which acronym is used to communicate that a current issue is not your problem?
Sep 16When is the "FTEW" acronym typically used?
Sep 17Which emoticon communicates that you are struggling to find the right words?
Sep 18"LWYMMD" is an acronym for a popular song by which musician?
Sep 19"Slide into your DMs" is a phrase most often used on what social site?
Sep 20Which term describes when you are laughing really hard?
Sep 21Which term is another way to describe someone as "modest" or "secretive"?
Sep 22Which acronym stands for the controversial act regarding illegal immigration?
Sep 23Which of the following terms is another way to say "sexy"?
Sep 24Which emoticon would you send to a friend to tell them you are crying?
Sep 25Which term refers to the pose where you smile with your eyes?
Sep 26Which acronym tells a person that he is lame if he does not come to an event?
Sep 27What word do you yell if you want the front passenger seat in a vehicle?
Sep 28Which emoticon represents one of the members of "The Beatles"?
Sep 29Which term refers to a fan of the hip hop group Insane Clown Posse?
Sep 30Which emoticon represents a person who is partying too much?