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Quizzes from November 2017

Nov 1Which acronym compliments the body of a person but not his or her face?
Nov 2When would you use the "TY" acronym?
Nov 3Which term refers to tight jean shorts?
Nov 4Which gaming term refers to repetitively completing tasks to gain experience?
Nov 5Which acronym is used to tell someone to be serious or think harder?
Nov 6Which term refers to an obsessed fan of a famous person?
Nov 7Which emoticon describes a person who investigates other people?
Nov 8Which acronym is often used to get someone to follow you on Instagram or Twitter?
Nov 9Which term refers to an informal rap or dance gathering?
Nov 10Which term refers to watching a whole season of a show within a day of its release?
Nov 11Which emoticon refers to a football player?
Nov 12Which acronym is used to communicate that something caused you to laugh?
Nov 13Which acronym is used to convey that you understand what a person said?
Nov 14Which acronym communicates that you are laughing really hard?
Nov 15What does it mean if your friend sends you the "C9" code?
Nov 16What is a boomerang kid?
Nov 17Which acronym warns a person that a webpage contains inappropriate content?
Nov 18Which term refers to when an employee uses company time to surf the Internet?
Nov 19Which former baseball player coined the "millennial baseball" term?
Nov 20Where would you see the "RTB" acronym?
Nov 21What message are you communicating when you send the "BCOY" acronym?
Nov 22Which animal is in hiding to avoid Thanksgiving?
Nov 23Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday of what type of person?
Nov 24Which acronym refers to a person who regrets NOT buying something?
Nov 25Which of the nicknames was given to Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump?
Nov 26In online gaming, which acronym is the opposite of the "GG" acronym?
Nov 27Which acronym communicates that you need no thanks for helping someone?
Nov 28What does the sender want from you if he sends you the "SMUN" acronym online?
Nov 29Which acronym is a sarcastic response when someone states something obvious?
Nov 30Which emoticon refers to the rock band ZZ Top?