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Quizzes from December 2017

Dec 1Which term refers to a negative or pessimistic financial outlook?
Dec 2A positive male role model for a child may also be known as what term?
Dec 3When would the "SOOF" acronym be used?
Dec 4When would the "LFM" acronym be used?
Dec 5Which emoticon represents a giraffe?
Dec 6Which term refers to listening in on another person's conversation?
Dec 7The French term "bisous" is slang for what?
Dec 8Snow is really important to which emoticon?
Dec 9Which term refers to when you search the Internet for information about yourself?
Dec 10Which abbreviation is commonly used to refer to a typing error?
Dec 11Which made-up holiday comes from Seinfeld and is an alternative to Christmas?
Dec 12What does the "Christmas creep" term typically refer to?
Dec 13Which dance move went viral when a cheerleader performed it in December 2017?
Dec 14Which acronym is used to tell a person that you owe him something?
Dec 15Which acronym refers to the blockbuster movie officially released today?
Dec 16Which emoticon is decorated with ornaments at Christmas time?
Dec 17Which acronym is used when you are texting and want a reply?
Dec 18Which term refers to the community where you live?
Dec 19If your brother is whining, what acronym would make sense to text him?
Dec 20Which emoticon refers to the big man who delivers the presents on Christmas?
Dec 21"RT" is commonly used on what social media channel?
Dec 22Which acronym communicates that you are too exhausted to have a conversation?
Dec 23Which acronym describes the Grinch's smile?
Dec 24Which emoticon represents Santa's lead reindeer?
Dec 25Which emoticon represents the objects Santa places under the Christmas tree?
Dec 26Which acronym refers to a person who is an obsessive fan?
Dec 27Gaslighting is a term for when a person does what?
Dec 28Which emoticon refers to a person playing in the snow?
Dec 29Which term refers to one thousand dollars?
Dec 30Which term refers to a person who is always buying clothes?
Dec 31Which emoticon represents what most people will be doing tonight?