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Quizzes from January 2018

Jan 1Which acronym would you most likely see on the first day of the year?
Jan 2What are you doing if you stop talking to a person and pretend you do not know him?
Jan 3Which acronym can be used to ask someone how she is doing?
Jan 4Which acronym is used to tell a person to be honest?
Jan 5Which acronym is commonly used to precede an honest opinion on social media?
Jan 6Which acronym would you use if you think something is too good to be true?
Jan 7Which gaming acronym refers to when an enemy kills an entire team?
Jan 8Which emoticon refers to the "defeated" feeling?
Jan 9Which acronym is used to exclaim to a person that she is sexy?
Jan 10When would you use the "SFY" acronym?
Jan 11Which emoticon represents the feeling of being dazzled by someone?
Jan 12Which term refers to a very demanding female who is preparing to get married?
Jan 13Which acronym communicates to a person that you will arrive shortly?
Jan 14Which acronym is used to tell a distracted person to continue working?
Jan 15Which term is another way to say "oh my gosh"?
Jan 16Which emoticon refers to a pig?
Jan 17Which term refers to when you insult someone?
Jan 18Which gaming term refers to when a player or team is getting beaten badly?
Jan 19Which term refers to something or someone that is unappealing?
Jan 20Which of these slang terms refers to a clever comeback?
Jan 21The "RDT" acronym is used to refer to what type of situation?
Jan 22Which term refers to when two straight males go on a social outing together?
Jan 23Which acronym is used at a computer to say that you are laughing very hard?
Jan 24What social site would you most likely see the "RIP to your mentions" phrase?
Jan 25Which acronym refers to when a person is going crazy over something?
Jan 26Which term refers to a prank where a fake emergency is reported to the police?
Jan 27Which gaming term refers to an Orcish laugh in World of Warcraft?
Jan 28Which term refers to a user who has been forever excluded from an online chat channel?
Jan 29Which acronym is used when something is really annoying?
Jan 30Which term refers to when you brag about about the model of car you own?
Jan 31Which term is used to describe someone's appearance as "very cool" or "hot"?