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Quizzes from February 2018

Feb 1Which golf term refers to hitting first from the tee?
Feb 2Which emoticon indicates that you feel beat up?
Feb 3Which acronym is used to tell a person to stop bothering you?
Feb 4Which league holds the Super Bowl as the championship game?
Feb 5Which acronym is used to say that something is broken and cannot be repaired?
Feb 6Which acronym refers to a close, but temporary friendship?
Feb 7Which acronym is used to mark the end of a long email or text message?
Feb 8Which acronym is used to communicate surprise?
Feb 9What term refers to when your crush reveals he is already dating a girl?
Feb 10Who made the "bible" slang term famous?
Feb 11Which emoticon represents a "snitch" from Harry Potter?
Feb 12Which phrase is often used as motivation to encourage someone to "go for it"?
Feb 13The "XBH" acronym is used as a statistic in which sport?
Feb 14Which object is commonly sent and received today?
Feb 15Which emoticon represents someone who had a terrible Valentine's Day?
Feb 16Which slang term refers to a meaningless conversation?
Feb 17Which acronym is used to tell someone to understand you better?
Feb 18"Pickle" is a term most commonly used in which sport?
Feb 19Which emoticon represents a headache?
Feb 20Which term is used to describe the body figure of a woman?
Feb 21Which of the following is a slang term for a "mistress"?
Feb 22Which emoticon represents the animal that sleeps upside down?
Feb 23Which of the following music acts can be classified as "bro country"?
Feb 24Which acronym is used to warn that your boss may be listening to your conversation?
Feb 25Which of the following is a slang term for a credit card?
Feb 26Which emoticon represents money?
Feb 27Which term is used to describe when you're completely surprised?
Feb 28Which emoticon represents a robot?