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Quizzes from March 2018

Mar 1Which of the following terms refers to an image and video sharing social site?
Mar 2Which slang term is another way to say "style"?
Mar 3Which term is used to tell someone to stop talking?
Mar 4Which acronym refers to an advertisement created for the good of the public?
Mar 5Which acronym is used to say goodbye to someone online or in a text?
Mar 6If someone calls you a "BA", what does he most likely think about you?
Mar 7Which acronym is used to confess that you are constantly thinking about someone?
Mar 8Which term refers to the tired feeling experienced after eating a lot of food?
Mar 9What does "Insta-lurking" mean?
Mar 10Which term refers to a fashion trend of wearing neutral, plain-looking clothes?
Mar 11Which show consists of a man and 2 robots that are forced to watch bad movies?
Mar 12Which acronym is used to refer to something that occurred several days earlier?
Mar 13Which emoticon represents a snail?
Mar 14In which sport would you see an "alley oop"?
Mar 15Which acronym is a crude way to describe someone as not smart?
Mar 16Which term refers to a team that upsets a highly ranked team during March Madness?
Mar 17Which emoticon is most fitting for St. Patrick's Day?
Mar 18Which acronym is used in online forums to push a message to the top of a thread?
Mar 19Which term refers to online gaming that involves gambling?
Mar 20Which acronym might be used by a person who wants privacy?
Mar 21Which acronym is used to preface an opinion?
Mar 22Which acronym is used to celebrate a success or victory?
Mar 23Which acronym refers to the points left that your March Madness bracket can earn?
Mar 24Which emoticon illustrates the animal that is native to only the southern hemisphere?`
Mar 25Which acronym refers to two words that are Latin for "please note"?
Mar 26Which term refers to when a fantasy owner trades away many of his best players?
Mar 27Which term is another way to say "obnoxious behavior"?
Mar 28Which acronym can be used to convey excessive affection?
Mar 29Which emoticon represents Marge Simpson, the wife of Homer Simpson?
Mar 30Which acronym was created to condemn an iPhone texting feature?
Mar 31Which baseball term refers to the plate from which the pitcher must pitch?