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Quizzes from May 2018

May 1Which term refers to an attempt by a gamer to finish a game as fast as he can?
May 2Which term refers to a group of friends that other people aspire to be like?
May 3Which emoticon would most likely accompany a sarcastic comment online?
May 4Which acronym is used to tell a person that you are thinking about her?
May 5Which term refers to a dumb, but attractive male?
May 6Which of the following terms is another way to say "flirting"?
May 7Which emoticon would you use to refer to a greedy person?
May 8What term is used to communicate that something is overly obvious?
May 9Which of the following terms is another way to refer to a walk in baseball?
May 10What acronym is used to communicate that something is too long to read?
May 11Which one-letter slang term refers to a thousand dollars?
May 12Which acronym is commonly seen on social media in nostalgic posts on Thursdays?
May 13Which Minecraft term refers to a region of the world?
May 14Which term refers to someone who is extremely talkative in emails and texts?
May 15Which emoticon represents a fist bump?
May 16Which acronym is used to ask a person for pictures to prove his story or claim?
May 17What is a "larper"?
May 18Which acronym is used to proudly share that you have never had a boyfriend?
May 19Which emoticon can be used to communicate that you are doubtful?
May 20Which term refers to an adult who has to move back into his parent's home?
May 21Which acronym is often used to refer to shipping rates to the contiguous United States?
May 22Which acronym can be used to communicate that you do not care?
May 23Which term refers to a person who is raising money for a charity in a rude manner?
May 24Which acronym is often used online when posting pictures from the past on Friday?
May 25Which term refers to a baby slime in Minecraft?
May 26Which emoticon depicts the famous Looney Tunes character, Bugs Bunny?
May 27Which term refers to a gamer who plays slowly?
May 28Which term refers to when a person cuts someone out of his life?
May 29If "FYEO" accompanies a message what are you supposed to do?
May 30What would you be called if you are a young and inexperienced gamer?
May 31Which Kaomoji emoticon depicts a person falling asleep?