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Quizzes from June 2018

Jun 1Which of the following slang terms refers to money?
Jun 2Which acronym may be used to refer to someone who has a negative attitude?
Jun 3Which acronym is a way to say that someone is doing an awesome job?
Jun 4Which acronym is used to profess hate for Mondays?
Jun 5Which emoticon represents dancing?
Jun 6Which term refers to a person who is romantically with a much more attractive person?
Jun 7If someone says they have to do "hw", what are they referring to?
Jun 8Which acronym refers to the average of a student's grades for all classes in school?
Jun 9Which emoticon is used to say that you have mixed feelings about something?
Jun 10Which term refers to when you think your phone vibrates when it does not?
Jun 11Which term is code for marijuana?
Jun 12Which term refers to when a gamer fills all the enemy players on his own?
Jun 13Which emoticon depicts a baboon?
Jun 14Which term is another way to communicate that agreement with a statement?
Jun 15Which acronym refers to the amount of paid vacation an employee receives?
Jun 16Which baseball acronym refers to the number of runs a player is responsible for scoring?
Jun 17Which emoticon best represents a Wall Street stock broker?
Jun 18Which term refers to a type of character in Minecraft?
Jun 19What acronym would you use if you are busy and do not want to be bothered?
Jun 20Which acronym refers to unsportsmanlike gaming conduct?
Jun 21Which illustration represents a person who just woke up and is groggy?
Jun 22What acronym is popularly used after a joke or sarcastic statement?
Jun 23Which acronym is used to tell someone you want to "stay in contact" with him?
Jun 24Which term refers to when you play a video game for a long time to gain achievements?
Jun 25What does it mean to "mooch"?
Jun 26In what sport would you hear the term "table setter"?
Jun 27Which acronym refers to the worldwide soccer tournament held every four years?
Jun 28Which term is another way to say "excited"?
Jun 29Which golf slang term came from the 2018 U.S. Open?
Jun 30Which emoticon refers to a Star Trek fanatic, also known as a "Trekkie"?