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Quizzes from August 2018

Aug 1Which term refers to a hidden character or account name used by pro gamers?
Aug 2Which emoticon indicates that you were punched in the face?
Aug 3The "LMS" acronym is used on Facebook for what purpose?
Aug 4Which acronym refers to a fight between two Pokémon won with just one hit?
Aug 5Which abbreviation is used to tell someone to leave before you erupt in anger?
Aug 6In which video game does the "peel" term come from?
Aug 7Which abbreviation refers to a discussion between two or more people?
Aug 8Which emoticon communicates that you are in a hurry?
Aug 9The "pvt" abbreviation is typically used when wanting to do what?
Aug 10Who is most likely to use the "MOS" acronym?
Aug 11Which phrase is another way to say "totally awesome"?
Aug 12Which phrase is associated with being very wealthy?
Aug 13Which emoticon communicates that you are tired?
Aug 14Which acronym refers to when someone says or does something that is "too far"?
Aug 15Which baseball term refers to a player batting second in a lineup?
Aug 16Which acronym refers to a platonic kiss between two friends?
Aug 17Where would you most likely see the "cx" abbreviation?
Aug 18Which emoticon represents a person biting his nails?
Aug 19Which abbreviation is often seen next to an event to communicate that it is postponed?
Aug 20Which acronym is commonly used as a way to end an email or online conversation?
Aug 21Which term refers to a player that does not perform well in fantasy football?
Aug 22Which acronym is used to urge someone to talk to you?
Aug 23"Ginger" is a term used to describe what type of physical feature?
Aug 24Which emoticon depicts a shark?
Aug 25Which acronym can be used to ask a person about his plans later that night?
Aug 26Which abbreviation refers to a video game character that is too powerful?
Aug 27Which acronym is typically used to express frustration or disbelief?
Aug 28Which term refers to the feeling of a stuffed stomach from eating a lot of food?
Aug 29Which emoticon depicts a cheerleader?
Aug 30Which acronym is used to express disbelief about an occurrence or comment?
Aug 31Which baseball term refers to players getting on base so another can score them?