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Quizzes from September 2018

Sep 1Which gaming term refers to a combination of attacks in a short span of time?
Sep 2When would you most likely use the "GOL" acronym?
Sep 3Which emoticon illustrates a person smoking?
Sep 4The "ceiling" term is used in fantasy sports to refer to what?
Sep 5If somebody tells you to "chill," what does he want you to do?
Sep 6Which financial acronym refers to the profit a person makes from an investment?
Sep 7Which term refers to people who are best friends for life?
Sep 8If you are bowling, which emoticon best illustrates your current activity?
Sep 9Which term refers to a close friend?
Sep 10Which acronym may be used to express appreciation to someone?
Sep 11Which acronym refers to the amount of points your fantasy football team has scored?
Sep 12Which gaming acronym is used to congratulate another player after a match?
Sep 13Which term refers to an idea that seems amazing but is actually bad?
Sep 14How many American dollars is a "Benjamin" worth?
Sep 15Which emoticon would you use if you felt disgusted?
Sep 16Which acronym is used when guessing the arrival of someone or something?
Sep 17Which term is another way to say "hi again"?
Sep 18Which acronym is a way to say to a person that you are just joking around?
Sep 19When is the /O emoticon typically used?
Sep 20If somebody gets "owned," what occurred?
Sep 21What is the "DFTBA" acronym used to communicate?
Sep 22Which acronym refers to a sleep training method for newborn babies?
Sep 23Which acronym is commonly used to refer to computer typing speed?
Sep 24Which term refers to when a player dominates a sporting competition?
Sep 25Which term describes someone who is bad at keyboard typing?
Sep 26Which acronym prefaces a criticism of a person or thing?
Sep 27Which of the following emoticons represents a marine?
Sep 28"LL&P" is famously associated with which movie series?
Sep 29Which acronym is used to emphasize that a comment was just a joke?
Sep 30Which acronym is a creepy way to say that you will be thinking of a person?