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Quizzes from October 2018

Oct 1Which emoticon depicts a crazy person?
Oct 2Which acronym communicates that you are not in the mood to work?
Oct 3Which acronym is used to clarify a relationship as just a friendship?
Oct 4Which term is used to describe the handsomeness of a man?
Oct 5Which term refers to a camera pose where you are smiling with your eyes?
Oct 6What emoticon represents the gaming console released by Microsoft in 2001?
Oct 7A man who marries a person with kids is known as what?
Oct 8A handcuff player in fantasy football is typically what position?
Oct 9When is the "PMPL" acronym typically used?
Oct 10Which term refers to when a person raps freestyle?
Oct 11Which emoticon represents a vampire bat?
Oct 12Which acronym stands for Taylor Swift's first single from her "Reputation" album?
Oct 13Which term refers to a person steering a discussion away from the original topic?
Oct 14Which term describes a very long text that requires you to scroll to read the message?
Oct 15Which football acronym refers to the number of yards per game a player gains?
Oct 16Which acronym is used to lament about how depressing life is going?
Oct 17Which acronym often prefaces an opinion in text messages or online?
Oct 18Which gaming term refers to an ability that inflicts a large amount of damage?
Oct 19Which emoticon represents a pirate?
Oct 20Which acronym would most likely be used when fixing a computer problem online?
Oct 21Which acronym represents the number of recovered fumbles in fantasy football?
Oct 22Which slang term refers to when a person is bragging about someone he knows?
Oct 23Which acronym is used to communicate excitement for a future event?
Oct 24Which term refers to when a fan of a celebrity is trying to become less obsessed?
Oct 25Which term refers to information that makes a person dumber?
Oct 26Which emoticon depicts a person telling secrets
Oct 27Which abbreviation can be used to say "goodnight"?
Oct 28Which slang term is another way to say "cool"?
Oct 29If someone wants your "addy," what does he want?
Oct 30Which term refers to an informal dance or rap gathering?
Oct 31What do trick-or-treaters look for on Halloween when they go to door to door?