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Quizzes from November 2018

Nov 1Which slang term refers to when someone leaves a place quickly?
Nov 2"Bones" is a slang term for what?
Nov 3Which emoticon depicts a guardian angel?
Nov 4Which acronym is used to warn a person that your conversation is being monitored?
Nov 5Which abbreviation refers to one of the days of the week?
Nov 6Which acronym is used to communicate that a person is working really hard?
Nov 7Which acronym is used to refer to a promiscuous woman in a negative way?
Nov 8What is the name of a mobile entity in a video game that is controlled by the computer?
Nov 9Which combination of characters is used to laugh at something funny?
Nov 10Which acronym is used to emphatically agree with someone?
Nov 11Which acronym is often used in forums to thank a visitor for posting a comment?
Nov 12Which acronym is used to refer to an email attachment?
Nov 13Which emoticon represents a person "mooning" someone?
Nov 14What does "K3U" mean?
Nov 15If your friend texts you "BTHO," what is his mood?
Nov 16Which term is used to respond to someone who says something overly obvious?
Nov 17Which acronym is used when you have to quickly go to the bathroom?
Nov 18Which acronym stands for a Starbucks drink only offered during autumn months?
Nov 19Which of the following terms is a League of Legends champion?
Nov 20Which emoticon depicts a person flexing his muscles?
Nov 21Which acronym is used to text that you are home?
Nov 22Which animal is the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving feast?
Nov 23Which term refers to when you forget what you ordered on Amazon?
Nov 24Which slang term means "alright" and originated in Philadelphia?
Nov 25Which acronym is used to communicate you are ready to begin?
Nov 26Which acronym is often used to label content as inappropriate?
Nov 27The "Crying Jordan" meme features the face of what famous person?
Nov 28Which emoticon illustrates a person who is keeping a secret with tight lips?
Nov 29What is a "cosplayer"?
Nov 30Which acronym refers to a crazy, bizarre, or gross picture posted on Facebook?