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Quizzes from December 2018

Dec 1Which acronym is used to ask someone if he is on his way?
Dec 2Which term is another way of saying "joking"?
Dec 3Which phrase refers to when someone is complaining about someone or something?
Dec 4The "mook" term is used to describe what kind of person?
Dec 5Which term is another word for "awesome"?
Dec 6Who is the famous spy represented by the (:-|K- emoticon?
Dec 7Which slang term is another way to say "well respected"?
Dec 8Which term refers to the manners of a person online?
Dec 9Which acronym refers to the amount of work required to complete a task?
Dec 10If you want someone to go away, what would you tell them?
Dec 11If you receive the "TMB" acronym how should you reply back to the person?
Dec 12Which acronym is used to emphasize that you are not responsible for something?
Dec 13Which acronym is used to wish someone luck?
Dec 14Which emoticon depicts a priest?
Dec 15Which term refers to when you hit someone hard and knock him out?
Dec 16Which acronym refers to an immersive environment that simulates the real world?
Dec 17Which slang term originated from the name of a satirical newspaper?
Dec 18Which emoticon represents the reindeer that saved Santa on Christmas Eve?
Dec 19Which term refers to when you get nothing from your employer during Christmas?
Dec 20Which term warns someone that something profane or secretive is soon to be said?
Dec 21Which term refers to a controversial opinion?
Dec 22Which term is only used to greet a person who celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah?
Dec 23Which of the following terms is British slang for "Christmas"?
Dec 24Which emoticon represents the big man that delivers gifts for Christmas?
Dec 25Which acronym is used to emphasize that you are actually laughing?
Dec 26Which of the following terms means "friend"?
Dec 27Which acronym is often used on Facebook when looking for something or someone?
Dec 28Which acronym refers to a private message sent to a Twitter user?
Dec 29Which term was made famous by Destiny's Child?
Dec 30Which term refers to when someone is showing off to impress others?
Dec 31Which phrase originated from the movie "Friday"?