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Baseball Slang

While every sport has its own lingo, no sport uses acronyms and abbreviations as much as baseball. In order to understand baseball stats and commentators, it's important to know basic baseball slang. The list below includes the full range of abbreviations, acronyms, and slang terms used in baseball, from AB to Yard.

Slang Term Meaning Popularity
CSCaught stealing
Uncle CharlieCurve ball
GIDPGround into double play
BBBases on balls
ERAEarned run average
RibbyRun batted in
RibRun batted in
ABAt bat
SBStolen bases
CGComplete games
TaterHome run
BombHome run
Tater trotHome run trot
AceBest starting pitcher
MashTo hit a baseball well
RPRelief pitcher
Hot cornerThird base
SouthpawLeft-handed pitcher
JamTo pitch near a batter's hands
Texas LeaguerWeak fly ball hit to the outfield
LFLeft field
RPIRatings Percentage Index
E1Error made by the pitcher
E2Error made by the catcher
E4Error made by the second baseman
E5Error made by the third baseman
E6Error made by the shortstop
E7Error made by the left fielder
E8Error made by the center fielder
E9Error made by the right fielder
Blowing a raspberryMaking a jeering noise
HBPHit by pitch
Can of cornAn easy catch by a fielder
High and tightHigh and inside pitch
HotboxBaserunner stranded between two bases
LeatherDefense ability
HillPitcher's mound
RubberPitcher's plate
In the holeBatting third
On the screwsHard hit ball
WheelhouseHitter's power zone
LOBLeft on base
DPDouble play
TPTriple play
NPNumber of pitches
GRSLGrand Slams
Four baggerHome run
RopeLine drive baseball hit
IBBIntentional bases on balls
innInnings played
PBPassed balls
Annie OakleyFree pass
BFBatters faced
IPInnings pitched
IRAInherited runs allowed
PAPlate appearances
RWRelief wins
YakkerCurve ball
URUnearned runs
MBFAMake baseball fun again
HRHome run
YardHome run
ALDSAmerican League Division Series
NLDSNational League Division Series
ALCSAmerican League Championship Series
NLCSNational League Championship Series
DingerHome run
SPStarting pitcher
Ride the pineSit on the bench
EREarned runs
HomerHome run
CycleSingle, double, triple, and home run
MeatballEasy pitch to hit
Baltimore chopBaseball hit that takes a large hop over an infielder
GrounderBaseball hit on the ground
Line driveHard hit baseball in the air
BloopWeakly hit fly ball
SingleHit that results in the batter getting to first base
DoubleHit that results in the batter getting to second base
TripleHit that results in the batter getting to third base
1BFirst base
2BSecond base
3BThird base
OBPOn-base Percentage
OPSOn-base Plus Slugging Percentage
SLGSlugging percentage
ClutchAbility to perform under pressure
WARWins Above Replacement
CFCenter field
RFRight field