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Fantasy Football Slang

There once was a time when people only watched football to follow their favorite team. Fantasy football changed that, inspiring football fans to keep track of players in almost every game played each week. Whether it's your first year playing fantasy football or you're a seasoned veteran in ten different leagues, knowing the fantasy football terms below will help keep you on top of your game.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
FFFantasy football
DFSDaily Fantasy Sports
PFPoints for
Snake draftDraft where the last pick in one round is the first in the next
PPRPoints per reception
CeilingUpside of a player
FFLFantasy football league
WRWide receiver
YPGYards per game
Half-PPRHalf-point per reception league
WR1First starting fantasy wide receiver
RBRunning back
FloorDownside of a player
BullishPositive outlook
UndroppableA player who cannot be dropped from a fantasy team
HandcuffA fantasy football backup player
RB1Starting fantasy running back
ReachTo draft a player too soon
TETight end
FishCasual fantasy sports player
BearishNegative outlook
oprkOpponent ranking
Draft dasherA fantasy football owner who drafts a team and abandons it
Waiver hawkA fantasy sports owner who patrols the waiver wire
FlyerGamble on a risky player
Trade baitA good player that entices other teams to trade for him
GhostshipA fantasy football team with no owner
FlierGamble on a risky player
ADPAverage draft position
QB1First starting fantasy quarterback
FlexFantasy football position that can be a RB, WR, or TE
Damaged goodsA person who has one or more major flaws
FleecingTaking advantage of a person through a trade
Vulture backA running back who takes scoring chances from the starter
FRFumble recovery
fumTotal fumbles
MinnowWeak fantasy sports player
SleeperA player drafted late but exceeds expectations
StreamRotating players in and out of a lineup
QBBCQuarterback by committee
Garbage timeTime during a blowout game where strategies change
Serpentine draftDraft where the last pick in one round is the first in the next
Auction draftDraft where owners bid on players
FPGFantasy points per game
RB2Second starting fantasy running back
tarReceiving targets
Cheat sheetA list of players ranked in order of fantasy value
YPAYards per attempt
Keeper leagueFantasy sports league where you keep your players
ffbFantasy football
IDPIndividual defensive player
QB2Second starting fantasy quarterback
WR2Second starting fantasy wide receiver
WR3Third starting fantasy wide receiver
SharkAn experienced fantasy sports player
STSpecial teams
PAPoints against
prkPosition rank