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Online Auctions Slang

Online auction sites and web-based classified ads are popular ways to buy and sell items online. Whether you use eBay, Craigslist, or another website, knowing the abbreviations below will help you better understand item descriptions. If you're selling items online, using online auction acronyms can help you fit more details in your headlines with fewer characters.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
ISOIn search of
NLTNo later than
BNIBBrand new in box
RTBReal-time bidding
FVFFinal value fee
CONUSContiguous United States
xcCross country
MIBMint in box
BINBuy it now
OOAKOne of a kind
FCFSFirst-come, first-served
NRFBNever removed from box
MSRPManufacturer's suggested retail price
VGCVery good condition
WYBWhen you buy
4saleFor sale
NRNo reserve
N/RNo reserve
HTFHard to find
GUGently used
FSFor sale
xtCross training
BAFOBest and final offer
EUCExcellent used condition
NWTNew with tags
OCONUSOutside of contiguous United States
241Two for one
OOTBOut of the box
ONCOOr nearest cash offer
NWOTNew without tags
OOPOut of print
OBOOr best offer
BCBack cover
NSANo strings attached
BNWTBrand new with tags
NOSNew old stock
DSRDetailed seller rating
ONOOr nearest offer
SPPUSold pending pickup
NIBNew in box
NIPNew in package
CIPCustomer initiated payment
MSTMust see today
NEDNo expiration date
S/OSold out
ORPOriginal Retail Price