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General Questions:

  1. What are chat acronyms?
  2. What is an emoticon?
  3. When should I use chat slang?
  4. What are some tips for good netiquette?
  5. What chat slang is important for parents to know?
  6. How do I add Emoji emoticons to my iPhone?
  7. What does a diamond with a question mark represent?
  8. How do I type a heart symbol in Windows?
  9. How do I insert special characters in Mac OS X?
  10. How do I insert special characters in Windows?

  1. How do I bookmark
  2. How do I add a search box to my website?
  3. How do I determine the correct orientation of an emoticon?

Slangit Downloads:

  1. Is there a Chat Slang Dashboard Widget available for Mac?
  2. Is there a search plugin available for Firefox?
  3. Is there a app available for iPhone and iPad?
  4. Is there a Slangit app available for Android?

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