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About Slangit

General Overview

Slangit (formerly ChatSlang.com) is the Slang Dictionary. Whether you need to decipher email shorthand, text messages, online chat, or offline slang, Slangit is here to help. Slangit contains thousands of acronyms, abbreviations, slang terms, and emoticons used in modern times by kids and adults alike.


When chatting with friends online or typing text messages to friends, using slang can be a big time saver. After all, it's much quicker to type acronyms and abbreviations than it is to type each word out. You can use Slangit to learn new shorthand techniques or to simply look up the meanings of slang terms you don't know. Make sure to check the Popularity rating of each term so you know how common the acronym, abbreviation, or slang term is. You can even add your own rating if you want! For a list of the most commonly used slang terms, view the Common Slang page.

Want to translate an entire slang phrase? Try the Slang Translator!


Sometimes words just can't accurately express how you're feeling. Fortunately, when words aren't enough you can use emoticons, or text-based expressions. These expressive faces are created from regular keyboard characters and can help indicate how you are feeling. Whether you are happy, sad, frustrated, tired, confused, excited, sarcastic, or indifferent, there is an emoticon to express your emotion. For a list of the most common emoticons, visit the Common Emoticons page.

The Slangit emoticons database also includes emoticons that represent people, characters, animals, objects, and actions. These unique types of emoticons can be used to add some extra flair to online chat sessions or email messages. For example, you can send someone a virtual rose using an emoticon. Some websites and messaging programs include emoticon shortcuts that will insert an image for the corresponding object or expression represented by the text-based emoticon. You can view these emoticons in the Emoticon Shortcuts section.


Leetspeak, or just plain "leet," is another form of online slang. It is known for being used by gamers and hackers as a code language for communicating online. Different characters are used to represent letters, allowing for several possible representations of each word. For example, the word "Leet" is often written "l33t," since "3" is a common replacement for the letter "e" in leetspeak. If you need help deciphering a word or phrase written in leetspeak, you can use the Leet Sheet as a reference.


Slangit contains thousands of acronyms, abbreviations, slang terms, and emoticons. However, new slang terms are being created all the time! Therefore, the Slangit database is always growing. If you can't find the meaning of a certain term or emoticon on Slangit, please contact Slangit and we will do our best to add the suggestion to the website.

Thank you for visiting Slangit! =)