What does minimoon mean?

A short honeymoon before the real honeymoon

Minimoon is a short honeymoon after a wedding that precedes a longer, more elaborate honeymoon later on. It is typically taken because of scheduling conflicts or the lack of money at that time to pay for it.

A minimoon is a quick way to get away and rest after the business of wedding planning and the actual wedding day. It typically lasts just 2-3 days, perhaps over a long holiday weekend. Minimoons are convenient for teachers who can't get away for a long period of time during the school year or if the real honeymoon destination is better to experience at a different time of year but you still want to get away. It may also appear as "mini-moon."


"We planned a minimoon to the lake up north, then we have our honeymoon planned after Christmas for the Bahamas."
A couple on their minimoon

A couple on their minimoon

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Last Updated: April 24, 2019

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