Sugar Baby

What does sugar baby mean?

A young person who uses an older person for money

A sugar baby is a young person who dates or marries an older person primarily for his or her money. It is typically a younger woman dating an older man, but may also be a younger man.

The "sugar" part of the name refers to the sweet appeal of money and the "baby" part refers to youthfulness. The term was coined in the late-2000s but wasn't made popular until the mid-2000s.

The sugar baby is often considerably younger and much more attractive than the older partner. If the older partner is a man he may be referred to as a "sugar daddy" and if the older partner is a woman she may be referred to as a "sugar mama."

Both partners receive something from the relationship. The sugar baby receives gifts and financial security, whereas the older partner gets to be with someone younger, and typically more attractive. A sugar baby may also be called a "gold digger."


"Did you Charles' sugar baby?!?"
"Yeah, she's like 20 years younger than him!"

Sugar Baby means a young person who uses an older person for money

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Last Updated: October 23, 2020

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