What drug is xans short for?


Xans is short for "Xanax," which is a tranquilizer (formally known as "Alprazolam"). It is a prescription medicine meant to treat anxiety but is also used recreationally.

The abbreviation is typically seen in text messages and online in conversations. While people that use the drug appropriately, the abbreviation is most often utilized by teenagers or young adults abusing it and looking for a "high." Xans is also prevalently used in night clubs and in the Hip Hop scene.

When xans is abused, it is usually taken by people who don't actually need but are looking for something to alter their current state. Others may abuse xans by taking it in addition to other drugs, such as LSD, opioids, heroin, and cannabis. This method is meant to enhance or harsh the effects of the other drugs taken with xans. You may also see the abbreviation typed as "xan" or "xanny."


"You got some xans to pair with this pot? I need a smooth night tonight."

Recreational use of xans is drug abuse

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Last Updated: November 12, 2020

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