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Quizzes from August 2014

Aug 1If you want someone to listen to your guidance, what would you text him?
Aug 2What term was made famous by the Seinfeld episode, "The Doorman"?
Aug 3What dance move has partially been made popular by dancer Lil Buck?
Aug 4If I am staying up late at night to text, what am I doing?
Aug 5What AMC TV show revolves around policeman Rick Grimes?
Aug 6What is the standard emoticon for "embarrassed" in MSN Messenger and Skype?
Aug 7If you have "CRD," what is hard for you to do?
Aug 8What emoticon is most appropriate for when you find a genie in a bottle?
Aug 9What term is used to describe something impressive or cool?
Aug 10If you want to tell someone you are furious, what emoticon should you use?
Aug 11What term is synonymous with "diss"?
Aug 12What acronym tells a person you don't want to be bothered?
Aug 13When people dress up and act as fictitious characters, what are they doing?
Aug 14What show was created by Lorne Michaels and originally aired in 1975?
Aug 15Eddie Vedder is the frontman for what band?
Aug 16What term originates from Minecraft?
Aug 17Which term best describes a male friend?
Aug 18Which emoticon best illustrates that you are in a hurry?
Aug 19If you want to become "hench," where is the best place to go?
Aug 20What acronym represents an adult who attends Lego fairs and builds sets?
Aug 21If your friend was just dumped by his girlfriend, what acronym might he use?
Aug 22Where would you most likely see a person "make it rain"?
Aug 23What emoticon is most likely to be placed after a sarcastic comment?
Aug 24What acronym is commonly used to measure typing speed?
Aug 25What acronym is most likely to appear in online fashion discussion forums?
Aug 26What emoticon best represents your mom shouting at you?
Aug 27If you want to tell a player that his cards are bad, what poker acronym is best?
Aug 28If you just got a pay raise, what term might you use to express your happiness?
Aug 29If your friend is "sweatin," what is he doing?
Aug 30If your friend thinks a movie is "trippy," what is she most likely saying?
Aug 31If you give a person some "bones," what did you give him?