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Quizzes from September 2014

Sep 1What acronym represents the highest position on the TV show, "Big Brother"?
Sep 2Which emoticon inserts a kiss image in Gmail chat?
Sep 3If your friend makes "barney," what is he making?
Sep 4If your friend describes you with the :7/ emoticon, what is she saying?
Sep 5If a player has a lot of "frags," what does he have?
Sep 6What term describes something that is scary and funny at the same time?
Sep 7What does a "modder" do?
Sep 8The "cook" term is associated most often with what drug?
Sep 9A woman 50 years or older that pursues much younger men is known as what?
Sep 10What South Park character is represented by the ( ((><)) ) emoticon?
Sep 11What term describes a person with a blank face staring off into the distance?
Sep 12What term stands for the commission an online Poker site receives from players?
Sep 13What acronym can be used to tell a person you agree with her idea?
Sep 14If someone texts you "NBSB," what has she never had?
Sep 15What emoticon represents a food item on the McDonald's menu?
Sep 16If you are picked to be the "DD," what are you supposed to do?
Sep 17A person who is "chugging" is doing what?
Sep 18What game console was released in the U.S. in 2013 and developed by Sony?
Sep 19What emoticon represents a popular giant from Greek mythology?
Sep 20If you are a "neckbeard," what is most likely one of your favorite hobbies?
Sep 21What acronym refers to an article of clothing?
Sep 22If you are going to "catfish" a person, what are you going to do?
Sep 23What occupation does the ]:)|--< emoticon represent?
Sep 24If your friend shares an idea that you agree with, what is an appropriate response?
Sep 25What term refers to the full amount of items a slot can hold in Minecraft?
Sep 26What emoticon inserts a camera in MSN Messenger?
Sep 27When would you use the GOYHH acronym?
Sep 28What disease is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease?
Sep 29What acronym indicates excitement for a future event?
Sep 30If your friend talks a lot, what acronym best represents her?