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Quizzes from November 2014

Nov 1What was the first instant messaging program and was released in 1997?
Nov 2What acronym describes a product that arrives broken?
Nov 3What prank consists of calling in a fake emergency to another person's house?
Nov 4The "MTFBWY" acronym is associated with what movie?
Nov 5What emoticon represents Ace Ventura, the famous pet detective?
Nov 6What acronym represents the Disney movie series starring Johnny Depp?
Nov 7What acronym best represents a pie fight?
Nov 8What term is used to describe a fast person?
Nov 9What sport is associated with the "southpaw" term?
Nov 10What does the (f) emoticon insert in MSN Messenger?
Nov 11What acronym can be used to agree with a person's proposal?
Nov 12What emoticon best represents the classic Volkswagen Bug?
Nov 13What phrase describes a TV show that has decreased in quality?
Nov 14If your coach tells you to "ride the pine," what is he telling you?
Nov 15If your friend is known for "ghosting," what does she often do?
Nov 16What emoticon inserts the U.S. flag in Yahoo Messenger?
Nov 17In poker, what does the "aipf" abbreviation represent?
Nov 18What term represents a region of a Minecraft world?
Nov 19What emoticon represents a side comment?
Nov 20What dance did Miley Cyrus declare that she wants to replace twerking?
Nov 21The "Texas Leaguer" term is associated with what sport?
Nov 22What game would you most likely use "Butter" to describe gold?
Nov 23What month do men grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for men's health?
Nov 24What emoticon represents the animal that hates Thanksgiving?
Nov 25What emoticon represents a traditional Thanksgiving side dish?
Nov 26What term describes a person who is mad because he is hungry?
Nov 27What emoticon represents the Pilgrims who had the first Thanksgiving?
Nov 28What acronym represents the department that cares for life-threatening injuries?
Nov 29What emoticon best represents a stock broker?
Nov 30If you want to get "Dead Presidents," what do you want to get?